How to choose the right engagement ring without dying in the attempt

Choosing a engagement ring is a time that, traditionally, can be a real headache for the person in charge of the mission.

The ring chosen for propose The gift to another person is a symbol of love and commitment that should reflect the personality and style of the recipient, while fitting into the budget and meeting the expectations of both. A near-impossible task, isn't it?

We know that choosing an engagement ring is not going to be an easy task for you. That's why, in this guide, we'll help you navigate the seas of the long and complex process of choosing an engagement ring. choosing the perfect engagement ring.

You will learn a little more (you probably don't know anything at all, don't worry, it's normal) about engagement rings, from the diamond styles and cuts until RING METALWe'll cover everything you need to know to make an informed and informed decision.


1, Engagement ring styles

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of engagement rings. Fortunately, there are not many of them and they can be summarised in the following categories:


Solitaire engagement ring

The solitaire engagement ring is one of the most classic and popular styles.


engagement rings


This is what a classic solitaire engagement ring looks like, with a single central diamond.

This design features a single central diamond that is usually set in a simple metal band. Its timeless elegance makes it a safe and always appreciated choice.


Diamond engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring can range from the classic solitaire to more complex designs with multiple diamonds.


engagement ring


And so is a more elaborate diamond engagement ring, with a central brilliant surrounded by six side brilliants.

This style offers greater versatility and can include everything from diamond halos to pavé bands, where small diamonds adorn the band of the ring.


Vintage engagement ring

The vintage engagement ring has gained popularity due to its unique design and historical charm.


vintage engagement ring


A vintage engagement ring.

These rings often incorporate intricate detailing and elaborate carvings that evoke bygone eras, adding a touch of romance and timeless elegance.


Personalised engagement ring

Opt for a personalised engagement ring allows couples to create a unique piece that reflects their love and personal style, and they know this inside out at Delajoyaexperts in gold jewellery with a second life.

From choosing the type of stone to the design of the band, the variety of gold jewellery on sale offers endless possibilities for designing the perfect ring.

In short, the engagement rings for women come in a wide range of styles and designs. In addition to the solitaire engagement ring and diamond engagement ring, there are options with coloured gemstones, vintage designs, and custom settings that allow for further personalisation.


2, Choosing the perfect diamond

If you thought that having chosen your ring shape you were done, I'm sorry to tell you that you still have a few more steps to go. Now it's time to choosing a diamond.


The 4Cs of diamond

To choose a diamond engagement ringis essential to understand the 4Cs of diamonds: corte, csmell, clarity and quilates:

  • Cutting: The cut of the diamond determines its brilliance and how it reflects light. Popular cuts include the round, princess, emerald and cushion cut.
  • Colour: Diamonds range in colour from colourless to shades of yellow and brown. The most valuable diamonds are colourless diamonds, graded D, E and F.
  • Clarity: Clarity measures internal and external imperfections. A diamond with no visible inclusions is rarer and more valuable.
  • Carats: Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the larger the size and value of the diamond.


Types of cut

The cutting a diamond directly influences its shine and visual appeal. Here are some of the most popular cuts for engagement rings:

  • Round cut: is the most popular cut due to its ability to maximise shine.
  • Princess cut: is a square cut that combines a modern look with an excellent shine.
  • Emerald cut: is a rectangular cut with long, flat facets that create a mirror effect.
  • Cushion cut: is an antique cut with rounded corners, ideal for a vintage look.
  • Oval cut: is similar to the round cut, but elongated, which can make the toes look longer and slimmer.
  • Marquise cut: is an elongated cut with pointed ends, which can also make the fingers appear longer.
  • Pear cut: is a combination of round and marquise cut, with one end rounded and the other pointed, creating a unique teardrop shape.


Coloured diamonds

The coloured diamondsalso known as fantasyare available in a variety of colours such as pink, blue, yellow y green.

These diamonds are rare and can add a touch of personality and uniqueness to an engagement ring.


3, Selection of the metal for the ring

The metal from engagement ring is as important as the diamond. Here are some common options:

  • White gold: is very popular for its modern and elegant look. It requires regular maintenance to maintain its lustre.
  • Yellow gold: is a timeless classic that stands out especially on warmer skins.
  • Platinum: is a durable, hypoallergenic metal that maintains its appearance without the need for coating.
  • Rose Gold: is becoming increasingly popular, offering a romantic and unique touch.


Combination of metals

Some engagement rings combine different metals to create a unique design. For example, a rose gold band with platinum accents can offer an attractive and modern visual contrast.


4, Establish a budget

Now that you're an expert on wedding rings, don't lose sight of the fact that you can't lose sight of the fact that determining a budget for the engagement ring is essential.

There is a popular rule of thumb that in these situations you should spend the equivalent of two months' salaryBut the most important thing is to find a ring that allows you to express your love without compromising your financial stability.

Remember that diamond quality and setting are more important than diamond size.


5, Choosing the right size

Make sure that the engagement ring fits perfectly on the ring. size of your partner's hand. If you can't ask your partner directly about his or her ring size, you can:

  • Borrow a ring you wear on your ring finger and measure it.
  • Ask friends or relatives for help.
  • Opt for an average measure and adjust the size after the proposal. Don't worry about it, it's much more common than you think!


6, Personalisation of the ring

Nowadays, many jewellers offer the possibility of personalising the engagement ring for women.

You can choose the type of stonethe configuration and even make a engraving to create a unique piece that symbolises your relationship. Personalisation allows you to reflect your partner's personality and tastes in a deeper way.


Personalised engraving

Adding a personalised engraving on the band of the ring can add a special and meaningful touch. It can be a important datea name or a short phrase that has a special meaning for both of you.


7. Certification and authenticity

Make sure that the diamond engagement ring that you choose comes with a certificate of authenticity from a recognised institution, such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society).

This certificate provides details of the diamond's characteristics, ensuring its quality and value.



Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a task that requires time, research and consideration.

Whether you opt for a solitaire engagement ringa diamond engagement ringWhether it's the same style, or any other style, the most important thing is that it reflects the love and commitment you share with your partner.

With this comprehensive guide, you are ready to make an informed choice and find the ring that will make that special moment unforgettable. Good luck in your search!